Villa Toscana: An alchemical hotel

Located in an unbeatable energetic point, near Laguna del Sauce and in a very natural environment that favors and increases the potential so that besides enjoying all the services of the hotel, you can find the magic of that paradise. The place is marked with enclaves and mystical symbols of deep anchoring in the history of humanity. They are symbols of protection and guidance for enlightenment or purity of spirit.

The energy of this unique place is ordered and channeled by the symbols we will describeand especially by the arrangement of the garden and its energy dispensations, creating with nature and alchemical elements, special sites that favor energy cleanliness and mental clarity. The outdoor living spaces, favorite places for breakfast, are places of great peace where creative connection and bodily enjoyment are favored.

The entrance hall to the pool has a great energetic power since the energy crossings have been altered through the symbols and the plants. This allows the sensation of entering a tunnel of clarity and New Life that culminates with the pool, entering with the custody of both lions on the steps. This symbology suggests being entering the maternal womb, a place of security, protection and connection with life.

The pool is in a way that proposes cleaning and purification of "the waters" that symbolize the feelings and all the contents of maternal attachment. Somewhere we can talk about an unconscious ceremony raised by the disposition of the place, favoring contact with the inner child, innocence and inner peace.

Villa Toscana gives you a total reset from the energy point of view. The space is ideal to create and inspire you with new ideas. Each room was measured and prepared, canceling the geopathic points, to give you the best experienceand an excellent sleep and rest.

To discover

Villa Toscana and its symbolism

In Villa Toscana we enjoy a very strong presence of symbolism that tells us a subtle story and in which we can suspect its Masonic origins, as well as their clear interest in replicating in this space certain architectural junctures that favor the place for meditation, physical introspection, and mental and energetic purification. The place holds an energy of literary inspiration. We invite you to tour the hotel and its gardens and discover these symbols.

The symbols

1. The Pineapple

The pineapple is present for the winged gods or Sumerian geniuses who carried a pineapple in their hand. The illuminated buddhas wear a pineapple-shaped hairstyle, which also appears as a flame on the head of St. Jude Thaddeus.
It represents the pineal gland: The esoteric doctrines of the East proclaim the pineal, for millennia, as a gland that can manage altered states of consciousness as a bridge that leads to a union between the phenomenal world and higher states of consciousness.
2. The Eagle

The eagle is a symbol of height, representing the spirit of the Sun, and the spiritual principle. As it is identified with the sun and the idea of masculine activity, the eagle also symbolizes the father. In the Bible is the eagle as a representation of the divine omnipotence and as the force of faith.
In the Middle Ages, because of its legendary characteristics, it was the Phoenix Bird, being the symbol of resurrection and baptism, as well as sometimes of Christ. For his flight and his ascension to heaven. The mystics considered it as a symbol of the prayer since it rose like the eagle to the sky.
3. Resonance Vases

Vases are multidimensional resonators. They vibrate in different notes and harmonic frequencies that drive the cosmic energies. A few years ago, a huge room filled with resonating vases was found under the great pyramid of Egypt. Esoterically it represents the different states of consciousness, of resonance.
4. The Lion

Animal of great symbolic wealth that holds the qualities of justice and power. He is considered the king of all animals, and in all Western cultures he is usually associated with the Sun. It is a symbol, therefore, of light and wisdom; his vigilant attitude manifests itself in the somatic capacity never to close his eyes. Some ancient peoples claimed that the lion, even when he slept, kept his eyes open. In Mesopotamia, the temples were guarded by lions with wings and their statues were placed at the entrance. afirmaban que el León, hasta cuando dormía, mantenía sus ojos abiertos. En Mesopotamia, los templos eran vigilados por leones con alas y sus estatuas aparecían colocadas a la entrada.
5. The Horse

The horse appears in almost all mythological writings, legends and realities. There is the Pegasus of powerful wings, the eight-legged horse of the Norse god Odin, the steeds of the Hindu sun god, those of Apollo, and many more. Many legends mention that the horse is clairvoyant and capable of perceiving humans with magical powers. No other animal has given man as much physical freedom of movement as he.
6. Buddha

Buddha, word that means "The Awakened" or "The Enlightened One". Gautama was a prince who lived with all the luxuries of a palace until at 29 he decided to leave the walls of his kingdom and face the reality that lived other human beings. He eventually became Buddha, the spiritual master on whose teaching’s Buddhism is based; who was actually skinny due to the self-imposed fasting regime.
7. The Stained Glass

On the first floor, and overlooking the staircase, we find a historic Spanish "vitraux". In it we see some symbols that do not go unnoticed: an eagle with a message: "a great freedom" and a king with his son in his arms. A bridge message between the divine power on earth and how this power is transmitted from generation to generation.
8. The Arts

In our garden there is also a tribute to the arts, especially sculpture and literature, on which we find representative paths. The towers with the image of the inspiring muses refer us to a place of inspiration and construction through literature and to sculpt a life in balance. The right side represents the masculine, the logical and is represented by sculpture. An architectural construction of life. The left side is the feminine and is represented by literature.


What is it?

The word radiesthesia comes from the Latin radium which means radiation, and from the Greek aisthesis which means sensitivity. Then radiesthesia means sensitivity to radiation. Both humans and animals are radiesthesists, since we all can feel radiation. However, there is a difference between us and the animals; as they have not separated from nature like us, they can perceive the radiations, that is, instantaneously experience the sensations they produce. We, on the other hand, perceive them less or more gently, or deferred in time and space. We are emitters and receivers of energy; we have the ability to send and receive energy messages.

The radiesthetic instruments

The pendulum

A swing to the right of the pendulum (clockwise) can mean Yes, masculine, positive polarity, full, out, good, correct, right or present; While a left turn (counterclockwise) may indicate no, feminine, negative polarity, void, in, passive, wrong, wrong, misguided, left or absent. In each case the speed with which the pendulum rotates and the amplitude of the circumference that it describes in doing so add another code, which implies a new significance. The pendulum is a very useful tool for everyone,and the interpretation of its oscillation is very important because it provides fundamental data in the readings of spaces, people, and knowing the level of the measured object and whether or not there are pathologies in those parts. When we measure the energy centers of people - the Chakras - if they turn to the right too quickly, that energy center can be over stimulated and if it turns to the left, symbols should be used because that place has negative energy


The Rods

The radiesthesia rods are a fundamental instrument for the measurement of ambient energies and should be used as follows: Place the elbows glued to the body and the forearms at 90º with respect to the body, hold a rod in each hand with your hands joints and closed fists, taking care that your hands do not get out of the handles to allow mobility to the rods and your reading is faithful. The rods must be parallel to the ground.

Energy in Villa Toscana

An alchemical hotel with potential for inspiration; ideal for restorative rest. Throughout the Hotel we find symbology distributed in specific locations, not randomly, that reinforce its power. The combination of these esoteric mystical symbols channels energies and orders the energy field of the place.

In the Universe "Everything is Energy". Each place, each object, each person has a huge potential for electrical energy and when we channel that energy correctly, life develops above normal and natural, achieving great creations. Most of the temples and sacred places throughout the planet Earth are characterized by using, channeling and magnifying these energies. We can measure these energies and their influences on the human being through Radiesthesia and determine what influences they exert on health, the vitality of places, people and bodies.

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