Junior Suites

The Junior Suite is our little presumptuous. A warm and cozy space equipped with whirlpool and all the essential features. Perfect for those who can not conceive of a stay without the benefits of hydrotherapy or the special relaxation of a bath with the softness of bubbles.




A tribute to the original design of our structure, the soul of Villa Toscana and the magic that surrounds it.
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Dance and Afro-Uruguayan musical expression characteristic of black slaves brought to Uruguay. Rooted in our people deeply enough so that it survives today. This room invites you to learn more about this cultural element that identifies our people.
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Exquisite balance between flavor and aroma ... So is the Uruguayan olive oil. The location of our country offers ideal conditions for the production of olive oils renowned for their quality, and in this room we distinguish this outstanding young industry.
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La Cumparsita

Composed in 1916 by Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, this tango was declared a cultural and popular anthem of Uruguay by the Legislature in 1998. Uruguayan tango is original from lower sectors of the port of Montevideo. A dance where the bodies approach in a very passionate game of seduction.
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All elements of comfort packed in a spacious suite of gentle and distended design. No doubt you will delight in the undeniable air of spreading and intimacy this room invites to. Favored by those looking for a combination of relaxation and the pleasure of leisure. Simply captivating.




In 1838 a French Basque man named Harriegue Pascual came to Uruguay. He is attributed with the introduction of this French strain into the country. Tannat is considered the representative varietal, with which Uruguay has gained worldwide recognition in winemaking. This wine is perfect to accompany an exquisite Uruguayan grill, another recognized native delight.
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St. Andrews

Allusive to the historic "home of golf". In this room we flatter this exquisite place, transcendental part of the golf history.
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Uruguay offers various sporting attractions to visitors and to those who live here as well. Among them, the elegant sport of golf highlights. Those who love this sport enjoy fields of beautiful scenery and undoubted superiority. A few meters from the Punta del Este Club de Golf and in an ideal area for vacation, this room serves as a perfect prelude to a day of this interesting sport.
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La Bodega

Uruguay is located in a privileged area that favors winemaking. Uruguayan wine production is characterized by a 100% small family farms, attached to traditions of over 130 years and recognized for their quality and excellence. La Bodega celebrates the dedication and success of these wineries.
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Master Suite

Indulging in its entirety. With the best equipment and privacy, the Master Suite was designed to be enjoyed as at home and disconnect from the world in an intimate setting. Great for a really special stay ... or just because.




Evocative of this attractive sport that has become a summer classic for several decades. Among others, The South Atlantic Circuit Rolex Cup is the most important event in South America and takes place in the waters of Punta del Este.
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La Estancia

La estancia es por tradición un lugar de los más antiguos del Uruguay, donde familias enteras llevan adelante una vida de campo desarrollando diversos trabajos de producción que nuestras tierras permiten. Las estancias en Uruguay tienen componentes históricos, anécdotas, arquitecturas características y tradiciones de nuestra cultura. La vida de campo y las estancias mismas también se han vuelto un atractivo turístico y una propuesta diferente, que permite conocer de cerca, la simpleza de un estilo de vida que a pesar del tiempo mantiene su esencia.
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