All elements of comfort packed in a spacious suite of gentle and distended design. No doubt you will delight in the undeniable air of spreading and intimacy this room invites to. Favored by those looking for a combination of relaxation and the pleasure of leisure. Simply captivating.




In 1838 a French Basque man named Harriegue Pascual came to Uruguay. He is attributed with the introduction of this French strain into the country. Tannat is considered the representative varietal, with which Uruguay has gained worldwide recognition in winemaking. This wine is perfect to accompany an exquisite Uruguayan grill, another recognized native delight.
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St. Andrews

Allusive to the historic "home of golf". In this room we flatter this exquisite place, transcendental part of the golf history.
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Uruguay offers various sporting attractions to visitors and to those who live here as well. Among them, the elegant sport of golf highlights. Those who love this sport enjoy fields of beautiful scenery and undoubted superiority. A few meters from the Punta del Este Club de Golf and in an ideal area for vacation, this room serves as a perfect prelude to a day of this interesting sport.
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La Bodega

En la región se ha instaurado una nueva e interesante propuesta turística. Se trata de la visita a Bodegas familiares, de las mejores de nuestro país. El circuito enológico permite al turista visitar de cerca los viñedos, ver las distintas fases de elaboración del vino y finalmente degustar las mejores etiquetas acompañadas de comidas y picadas típicas. El encanto de las bodegas uruguayas es que aun las de mayor producción no han perdido su tradición familiar conservando el amor por la actividad; y Villa Toscana se identifica con estos valores.
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